How To Make Money online in 2019 With Blogging ? Lets Know

Make Money Online in 2019

You were wondering when you see the online presence of people how daily increases and growing very faster like anything else.

Daily Thousands of villages people were purchasing new Android Smartphone, and start using the internet because of low internet plans in India, but this affects all over the world.

Regional Blogging

Google has announced in their latest Android developers meetup show on this show google clarified that now they are focussing on the local languages advertising and this market share size is about 700 crore value.

All Villages people don’t know English well or no familiarity with it, so now one more side of blogging has been opened that is regional language blogging.

if two years ago I say for starting regional languages Website you and probably most people say that is too time-consuming and risky

You have ever seen a website in Hindi there is on mistake writing in Hindi font or use Hinglish let I explain

आप केसे हे Hindi

aap Kaise ho Hinglish

So Which one is better choice What You think to tell me in comments.

I share my opinion here

everyone using WhatsApp All are Familiar with it and all can read and talk on their language messages

These techniques and say problem arrives on all other languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Bangala, Panjabi all Languages.

There is a big scope to collect regional level audience on your blog there are minimal sites working on the internet

I have seen Hundreds of place they are un-optimized, but they are ranked because of a chunk of the content on their website

Competition in this field is very low as I think you can make very larger sites based on local things news and all other related topics.

Most Of the People Struggles at the financially on the blogging but wait you do not need to start blogging with paid plans you can start with free blogger site or WordPress free blog

On WordPress Blog reader I see Lot of people get very high attention on their Blog Because of New content and well-writing Skills

If Your Grammer or English is not good don t Panic you can start blogging in English too, there are two tools help you in writing Good Articles

One of the best Solution is Google Translate

Second is Grammarly which corrects Your spelling error in free of Cost So Use this Both content

For Regional Languages You Batter Know Your Mother Tongue You started to speak that with childhood, You Know Your Impact Of Your Language.

First, learn the power of blogger a blogger is a Human psychology Master Who can grab the attention of your site reader

they very well know what Your Readers want to know so always be ready to learn from your site visitors.

Always be Responsive

Your Blog has the Power to become Your Passion and Profession so don’t cheat your self give your hundred percent to Explore Your Niche Topic Delight Your Site Visitor Article reader

Always Reply of every comment this increases their belief on your site

If we are beginner we have to focus on social media must grab local audience attention on our topic.

This technique helps us to get an overview of how people interested in our topic or curiosity of people on that topic

We always work on new and excellent topics to get the attention of people on your topic or ideas.

Money making online is comfortable but not for lazy people who don’t want to do anything.

Why Google or any other search engine show your website first whats batter in your blog then your competitors, how deeply you covered that topic.

Your Article Structure plays a vital role for new bloggers, please keep in mind point list articles numbering this all tags helps you to stand out from the competition.

Links are critical but not relevant if your site visitor jumps on your linked site and doesn’t get what they want so desperately they left site quickly this is known as bounce rate if that link is irrelevant that affects to your Google ranking.

As we discussed there is massive scope for digital marketing, social media marketing, social advertisement, SEO, Bloggers, Graphic Designers, Content Writers, Video Creators.

There is a new field is also growing like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, Internet of things.

So keep learning about these topics and try to be creative always try to make something new this increases your belief and self-confidence to make money.

Use the internet to learn new things That’s Why Leader Says More Learn to More Earn.

As I learned from blogging is not about the words it’s about Engaging Your Readers So We can Make a Clear Bond Between a Blogger and Reader.

Power of Blogging To Tell Your Story as well as Exploring anything By words that’s an amazing place I have ever seen

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