What is Blogging? Step By Step (Set Up of Your Free Blog)

Blogging is a way to Share Your Story, You have seen so many people’s even small children succeed in blogging, Now its Become trend and Everyone opened their personal blog.

Nowadays a big company also want to reach this free google’s organic audience by blogging influenced public, So there is a big opportunity

First, we get the right Definition and worth of blog

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a way to Share Your Knowledge or experience in terms of words there are so many different types of content like Audio, Video and Write an article.

Blogging is a way to make a niche community who interested in a particular field, not just random topics but focused field blogging

bloggers are extreme learners they always learn every day they follow all other related blogs and always be updated about what people want to know, they figure out viral topics opportunities.

the blog is like a startup if you do in the right way it may one day become your earning source, there is scope for extraordinary people who are dynamic to dig dip in the niche topic.

a blog is declared as art and science, it’s a way to communicate with your readers, in past time You have seen so many examples set by people’s who just randomly started writing and that blog reaches million blog readers people appreciate your blog.

honestly say I am not good English speaker, writer, but I can explain my thought in any way as you see now, so if your efforts are powerful then no matter you can tell your thing to people so forget poor English.

this platform requires always learning attitude never stop learning if you want to engage people in your blog.

There are so many things needs to mind when starting a blog that you have to learn that all factors I will publish in my next blog
So the Main thing is that start blogging today and I bet you it definitely helps you to change your perspective in life.

I don’t want to tell you that make 100 dollars a day or hour that takes time and huge effort and dedication to generating that much revenue I am not saying that’s too tough but it required patience and smart work.

but if you start today, you subsequently learn, what works, what not and what exactly it is, and it’s suitable for you or not, so don’t blindly follow or choose a path there are certain matters which is odd.

Why Blogging Becomes So Popular Nowadays.

There is Four Major things which needs to be considered.

1. Mainstream Source of information

on the Internet, we all search daily hundreds of thing, so if you have a relevant information page that people want to know then google shows your site in search and You get a decent amount of traffic from the web.

2. via Blogging companies keeps clients and customers up to date.

all big companies realized the power of blog that people’s being updated with it, all company starts to tell their products and services in their company blog.

3. Make Community via Comments like and share.

Blogs have all facilities of comments like sharing this all makes community people share their thought about a related topic.

It’s work like a toll to make a community that helps each and Every people to get a notification on Your Blog via this Services

4. Earn By Blogging

Blogging has the potential to become your earning source so don’t wait and don’t, think start today You can do it very quickly work hard gain Knowledge make a blog post and monetize by a different way and make money.

3 Major Blogging Platform For Blogging


Blogger is Google’s Owned Blogging Platform it Gives You an opportunity to Do Blog and Monetize awesome blogs people come on your blog and they get the right information about what people want to know.

Blogger Works on HTML5, this is very basic language, this system is called client-side web hosting in future we talk about client-side and server-side hosting.


WordPress Powers 32 % of the whole internet, it has full functionality even you can get the desired function by Plugins Developed by independent developers some are free and some are paid, There is huge Scope for Theme Developers and Plugins Developer. There are Lots of Amazing Free Plugins available who helps you most.

Here is the Video of Basic Free Basic Blog Setup I have Described.

in this blog, I will share you about an opportunity to start a free blog with WordPress, it gives subdomain hosted blog

WordPress is the Biggest Platform for Bloggers, it gives you the freedom to get any kind of function on your blog, so we make a free blog on WordPress.

Sorry Video is in Hindi Language but You Can See this SetUp Video If You want Video in English Please Comment Below with Your Query I Will Definitely Here To Help You


I had recently surfing medium and I Study the whole platform Firstly when it started is gives subdomains setup and after some time they have also given support for custom domains.

medium is so popular in Quality readers there is a premium reading plan available which is best for quality readers, there is also Audio podcasting audio available to listen to articles.

So that’s all But Don’t Leave this post Subscribe for Notifications Because You will get all Updates in future about this topic on the same page.

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